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Thursday 15 October 2009


Many would think Mickey Moonlight is a strange character. I think he is a really nice person. One of the few in the small electronic music world you can have a decent conversation with. And not only about obscure italian 12"s but also about horror movies, neo-paganism, Dennis Potter and... of course, brilliant books.
That said, I've known Mickey since his Midnight Mike days and yet do not really know him, which I quite like. As he tells me (it will explain the abruptness of his answers), "he doesn't like much to express his opinion publicly". Hence by having him here, we feel both privileged and tantalized.

have a listen to Mickey Moonlight's music and watch his incredible shoestring videos here: www.myspace.com/mickeymoonlight/.

Can you name a book you always recommend because you think nobody else does?

Meatphysics by Jake Chapman

Which author, dead or alive, has the best dress sense?

W. S. Burroughs

What book title would you wear as a tattoo?


One of your favorite quote?

not sure, maybe something from Kurt Vonnegut

Your own self help book would be titled...

Please Help Yourselves.

The most shocking book you own?

Not sure, maybe Bataille's Story of the Eye.

Your favorite non-fiction book?

Quantum Psychology and Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

A book that has turned you on (after 13)?

Again, Prometheus Rising.

Your fave book about cinema?

Sin in Soft Focus by Mark. A. Vieira.

What book would you like to make as a movie?

The stars my Destination by Alfred Bester.

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