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Sunday 25 September 2011

Pedro Lemebel, My Tender Matador, 2003.

No words. I am just starting the book but reading its opening page, its dedication=instant post. I'll leave you the opportunity to read it too before report. Pure lines of pure Life for a future hero of ours?

'This book emerged out of twenty pages written at the end of 1980's and mislaid for years among fans, lace stockings, and cosmetics that smeared with rouge the balladazing calligraphy of its script. Herein I offer up this story and with flamboying passion I dedicate it to Myrna Uribe (La Chica Myrna), tiny esoteric center, who staved off the afternoon of the coyote with her poetic depravity; to Cecilia Thauby (La Ceci), our enamored heroine; to Cristian Agurto (EL Flaco); to Jaime Pinto (El Julio); to Olga Gajardo (La Olga); to Julio Guerra (El Pato)-my heart clenches when I remember his gentle eyes and his body like a trampled carnation, riddled with Chilean Secret Police bullets in the aprtment in Villa Olimpica; to Oriana Alvarado (La Julia); to the woman in the grocery store, as gossipy as they come but as silent as the tomb when questioned. And also, to the house, where electric utopias whirled throughout the purple night of those times.'

Pedro Lemebel, My Tender Matador, Grove Press, 2003, page 00000000.

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